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At this time of sadness, please be assured of the prayers and condolences of the parish of Saint Christopher. As you are now in the midst of planning your loved one's funeral, we wish to be of every possible assistance for you to make this funeral an expression of your love and a time for you to feel the great consolation that is offered to you and your family by the love of God.

Our parish Ministry of Consolation is prepared to assist you in arranging the Funeral Liturgy for your loved one. We invite you, along with your family and friends, to participate in this liturgy. If you are using a local funeral home, you will receive a Funeral Mass Packet, with all of the information presented on this website. In order to assist family members, who may not live nearby, we have made the Biography and Funeral Liturgy Selection Forms, as well as the selections of Readings and Hymns, available for you online.

Mass Booklet will be prepared to assist you, your family, and friends with participation in the Mass of Christian Burial. In addition to the eulogy (should there be one) given at the funeral home.

Companion from the Ministry of Consolation will contact you to set up a meeting so he/she can answer questions and explain procedures more fully.

For those, who live locally, one of our Cake Bakers will stop by and bring a baked good for you.

How do I begin?

  • Read the Biography and the Funeral Liturgy Selection sections. Print both forms and then fill them out. Your Companion will assist you, if you have any questions.
  • Use the Readings, the Prayer of the Faithful, and the Hymns & Psalms sections to help make your selections for the Funeral Mass.
  • Read the Vigil Service section to help prepare for this service at the Funeral Home.
Biography Form Liturgy Selections.pdf "Hymns and Pslams Prayer over the Faithful

Funeral Mass

 † The family and close friends (including those placing the Pall and the Christian symbol) who will process into the Church behind the casket should wait in the lobby at the back of the Church before the Funeral Mass begins.

† If family members or friends will proclaim the Readings or read the Prayer of the Faithful, or bring up the Offertory gifts, they should sit near the center aisle.

† The Ushers will distribute the personalized Mass booklets.

† The Companion will meet you at the back of the Church and guide those who are placing the Pall and/or the Cross/Bible, so they will know what to do and when to do it (if family members and/or friends are placing the Pall and the Christian symbol).

† The Lector will escort the readers to the pulpit for the readings, if family or friends are doing them, or the Lector will proclaim the readings.

† The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will assist family and friends, who are bringing up the Offertory gifts.

† The Ushers will usher for Communion and have tissues available after the Mass.

† The Companion will give you any remaining Mass booklets for you to keep or to give to those who were not able to attend.